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Finest Golf Club in the local area

Golfing is an incredibly fulfiling pastime to indulge in, but it can be a struggle to find the right place to play. If you're in the local area, you’re in luck – Innercitytrigolf is here and ready to give you a great day on the green. We offer a wide variety of additional amenities to make your day a pleasant one, as well as a top-notch, classic golf course to enjoy. To apply for membership, or just to join us for a round before becoming a member, please contact us through our booking form.

The benefits of membership

Just like other clubs, being a member has an abundance of perks. Not only do members receive regular updates on our golf club, but they also receive different access to members-only amenities. With the family membership, children are also invited to participate in training, lessons, and youth competitions. We also have a golf club members-only clubhouse that is complete with top of the range facilities.

Golf in a fantastic setting

With a great golf course loved by players of all levels, playing at our golf club is proven to be as challenging as they are rewarding. The unique greens encompass everything that makes golf such a difficult, yet satisfying game. Steep hills, lush fairways, daunting bunkers, and water features will make each round memorable. Traditionally designed, the course is as tricky as it is beautiful. When you golf at Innercitytrigolf, enjoying the surrounding nature and having fun playing the game is guaranteed.

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